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Tien Giang Province – As per the Company’s network expansion strategy accross the country, Manulife officially opened a new transaction office in the downtown area of Cai Lay Town, Tien Giang Province. Located at No. 20/16 Thanh Tam Street, Block 4, Cai Lay Town, Tien Giang Province, the new office helps the Company to get closer to more local customers as well as to serve customers more quickly and conveniently. Detail
(04/18/2011) Detail
You wish to have a fabulous pension plan and financial freedom after years of hard-working. Manulife – My Freedom and its benefits will help you get ready for your sweet time of retirement.
Dreams can be achieved if they are planned ahead from an early age. With “Manulife - My Talent”, Manulife believes that it will help the parents to offer their children all-round protection and opportunities to succeed at all stages of their lives.  
Unit price
Balanced fund 1.24 % 18,985.374
Growth fund 1.68 % 18,108.327
Aggressive fund 2.11 % 17,727.894
Universal Life crediting interest
New interest:  8.51 %
Accumulation On Deposit
New dividend interest: 8.00 %
Policy Loan
New loan interest:  12.00 %