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Manulife Vietnam, one of the Vietnam’s top 3 insurers , reported annualized premium equivalent (APE) insurance sales of VND 1.68 trillion in 2015, up 69 percent from the year before. Total premiums and deposits rose 39 percent year-on-year to VND 4.51 trillion, while total assets under management increased by 24 percent for the 12-month period to VND 13.2 trillion.
Manulife Vietnam has launched Manu-iPro mobile application to the entire agency force as well as with its bank partners. A valuable addition to our wide range of sales tools, Manu-iPro is designed as a precursor to the sales illustration system to facilitate our agents’ initial consultation with potential clients.
“Manulife - My Beloved Family”, a comprehensive financial solution of Manulife Vietnam, now offers five new additional optional benefits that help protect customers and their families against a wider variety of risks.
Customers who participate in new "Manulife – My Beloved Family" policies from 07/03/2016 to the end of 31/03/2016 will have chances to join this special promotion with details as follows:
Unit Price
Balance Fund 0.74 % 18,444.417
Growth Fund 1.00 % 16,984.896
Aggressive Fund 1.26 % 16,071.924
Universal Life crediting interest
New interest:  6.64 %
Accumulation On Deposit
New dividend interest: 7.00 %
Policy Loan
New loan interest:  11.00 %
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