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The M-FL Vietnam program is designed to empower talented graduates, providing a platform to unlock your potential towards “Building better, together” as Manulife Future Leaders.

Application: 15.04.2024 – 20.05.2024

Onboarding: 01.08.2024


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What you’ll experience in the 3-year M-FL Program

  • Boundless opportunities: A 3-year structured rotation across various divisions including three rotational assignments (totaling 2 years) and a final phase dedicated to permanent role development (1 year)*. This extensive exposure will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of Manulife, develop a broad skill set, and explore diverse career paths.
  • Professional learning & development: Benefit from a multi-faceted learning and development journey as well as networking opportunities to grow you as a future leader. During the program, you will have the opportunity to create and pitch a business case for community cause that you might wish to support.
  • Leadership mentoring and guidance: Receive guidance and support from an assigned Mentor (typically a senior leader) to help you with your career and personal development alongside business buddies to help you navigate our Manulife organization.

    (*) The structure and features of this program are subject to change over time due to the evolving nature of our business. 

Who are we looking for?

  • Bachelor/Master’s degree holders with GPA 7.0/10
  • Candidates with less than 1 years of work experience
  • Fluent in business-level English.
  • Digitally savvy, customer-centric graduates who have previously engaged in social/ community work and volunteer activities.
  • Eligible to work permanently in Ho Chi Minh city.

What makes you a successful Manulife Future Leader?


  • Take ownership of problems and resolutions, execute with speed and perseverance.
  • Embrace challenges and stretch goals; takes bold steps to push beyond the status quo.
  • Step out of comfort zone and support the team through obstacles.
  • Make well-reasoned decisions promptly, considering potential risks.


  • Develop innovative solutions to business challenges.
  • Embrace new ways of thinking and working and learn from setbacks.
  • Start small and aiming for continuous improvement.

Customer Centricity

  • Focus on customer-centric decisions and solutions.
  • Leverage technology at every possible touchpoints to enhance customer experiences.
  • Commit to making services Easier. Better. Faster.

Divisions open for application:

  • Agency 
  • Partnership Distribution 
  • Marketing 
  • Operations 
  • Information Technology – IT
  • Integration & Transformation 
  • Finance and Actuary 
  • Human Resources - HR 
  • Communications 

Recruitment and Selection process:

15.04.2024 – 20.05.2024

  • Educational background
  • Intern/work experience
  • Leadership skills
  • Volunteer: Co-curricular activity 

20.04.2024 – 30.05.2024

  • On-line assessment
  • Inductive/Logical/ Verbal Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Situational Judgment Test

01.05.2024 – 30.05.2024

  • Motivation /Culture fit
  • Competencies aligned to Manulife Values
  • Expectation

15.05.2024 – 30.06.2024

  • Business Case
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Technical Abilities
  • Market Awareness

01.06.2024 – 30.06.2024

About us:

We're Manulife. And we’re on a mission to make decisions easier and lives better.

Better is what drives us. It’s what inspires us to find new ways to support customers and colleagues in living longer and healthier lives. It’s the reason we’re dedicated to investing in digital innovation and accelerating a sustainable and economically inclusive future.

Joining us means you’ll be empowered to learn and grow your career. We’ll recognize and support you in a flexible environment where well-being and inclusion are more than just words. And as part of our global team, you’ll help shape the future you want to see – and discover that better can take you anywhere you want to go.

As a member of the Manulife Financial Group from Canada with a global history of more than 135 years, Manulife Vietnam is the first foreign-invested life insurance enterprise licensed to operate in Vietnam since 1999, with the highest total investment capital in the insurance market. With the mission of being a trusted life partner to provide health, financial, and retirement protection solutions, Manulife Vietnam has consistently enhanced its products and services through leveraging technology and digital transformation, all aimed at helping customers confidently pursue a better life every day. With a team of professional, experienced advisers, and strong partnerships with leading banks, Manulife Vietnam is currently serving nearly 1.5 million customers nationwide.